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Web classes

Hi! Welcome to Groningen! Need help in choosing your Bachelor's programme? Do you want to experience the content, methods and atmosphere of our Bachelor's programmes using your computer in your own home? Enrol in our free, 4 week online taster courses called web classes to experience what it is like to be a student at the University of Groningen. Our tutors are ready to give you personal feedback on the assignments you hand in.


Enrolment status

Enrolment of the web classes is open! You can enroll via events.rug.nl/web-classes until April 7th (10.00am). Because of the corona crisis there will be no Open Day and Student-for-a-day. We realise it is harder for you to orientate on your future studies, so that is why we made an extra round of web classes available.


  • The web classes are available from April 13th until May 10th
  • Not all web classes are available. On this list you can find the available web classes (Please note: the other web classes are available again in November)
  • The webclasses will be open for four weeks
  • There will be no weekly deadline. This means that you can make all of the assignments at once
  • The web class tutor gives you feedback on your assignments
  • Do you have any questions? Please send us an email: webklassen rug.nl
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